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CoHost with the Most is a Santa Fe based business dedicated to managing  and operating your Airbnb.


Our mission is to help you reach new levels of income as we take care of your guests and maintain your property to high standards. We have years of combined experience in the commercial hotel industry and property management. One of the highlights of our lives was spending a year on the road traveling and being airbnb recipients. We know first hand what makes a rental spectacular and stand out from the rest. Our keen sense of style and boots on the ground attitude will transform your space and guarantee guest satisfaction.

-We are Cohost with the Most-


Shera Griffo, Owner

Shera Griffo has spent many years in the private home industry including property management and personal chefing. She owned and operated a green cleaning service in Santa Fe for many years with an outstanding reputation.


Having spent time staging hotel rooms throughout the U.S. with her husband Robert, she has a keen sensibility for what makes a space comfortable and pleasing for  guests. Her impeccable style and eye for detail allows for a successful rental.  Naturally friendly and outgoing, Shera is the perfect CoHost for your property. CoHost with the Most is committed to a memorable stay. 

photo by Audrey Derell

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you reach new levels of income while taking care of your guests and maintaining your property to high standards.

Robert Black, Owner

Robert has 30 years experience in the construction world ranging from building custom cabinetry to outfitting brand new hotels. Be it residential homes or the commercial hotel industry, he truly enjoys beautifying spaces and is excited about parlaying his talents alongside his wife for local Airbnbs.


He knows firsthand that Color, design and detail can transform ordinary spaces into exceptional ones; thereby opening your home to the vast possibilities of short-term rental income.

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