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With over 10,000 successful guest stays and earning "Superhost status for all of my clients, I am honored to offer you my expertise and passion for the art of CoHosting.  


"Shera is fantastic! My airbnb is a great success and I never could have managed it without her talents and expertise! She has great skill in helping to create a beautiful and functional space with no detail overlooked. She has been immediate and thorough with her responses to my guests, something which they have all greatly appreciated.  Her cleaning and beautifying skills are just the best!"

Vicki Deane, Santa Fe

"Shera manages everything! She helped get my Airbnb profile prepped by writing much of the text, recommending her photographer for photos, and making sure we were both understanding how Airbnb’s platform worked.


She created a booklet for guests with important information related to their stay and great recommendations for restaurants, sights, etc. Shera manages the cleaning services and, though she cleaned all units herself at first, she has grown her business enabling her to hire a few women to assist her."

"A friend suggested I consider Shera as my Airbnb Co-Host, I was a little skeptical. Like many people, I take my business very seriously when dealing with my property and the public. I want to provide great personalized service. Within 5 minutes of speaking with her, I knew she would be the perfect representative for my sanctuary!


She has an outstanding sense of customer service, a wonderful eye for style and is one of the most responsible and kind people I've met. Yes, by all means, hire her...but don't make her too busy to assist ME! ;) Shera is gold!!"

Kirsten, Santa Fe

"If you are interested in participating in Air BNB, but don't have the time or inclination to personally book and greet guests, respond to questions, prepare the room and then clean it, then I can heartily recommend Shera Griffo as your co-host.


She is smart, savvy, efficient and she makes everything run smoothly and effortlessly and guests are happy. On top of that, her husband Bob is one of those talented and knowledgable individuals who can repair anything which comes in quite handy when dealing with a myriad of issues which can occur with any type of rentals. "


Robin C., Santa Fe

Shera’s professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and resourcefulness have far surpassed my expectations. Her interactions with guests are timely, informative, warm, and welcoming. And in addition to the impeccable and outstanding service she provides, Shera is simply a joy to work with.

Pamela Stockton, Texas

Shera Griffo is truly a co-host with the most! I could not have conceived of someone filling the job more beautifully.


Setting up the listing; guiding me in turning my home into an attractive available site; handling reservations with speed and charm; making sure the space is clean and welcoming; meeting the guests and making herself available to them all the way to the personal reviews in the end. And all the way through, dealing with me in a professional and inclusive manner. She has made my hosting experience into a profitable delight

Donna, Arizona

Shera has been a dream come true. She is always on point to details in all aspects of our rental, from listing and pricing, to maintenance and excellent communication with guests. Makes owning a vacation rental a breeze. Always so comforting to know that she is taking care of our property as if it were her own.
Lisa, Canyon Rd.

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