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Staging & Decorating

Not All Airbnb's Are Created Equal!!!

Cohost with the Most leverages the market with Sophisticated Staging & Decorating.

When offering your place as a vacation rental, keep in mind you have one shot at creating a long-lasting memory for guests. Staging and decorating is everything…it’s the small details that make up the overall memorable experience.  

Aspects of Staging

  • Create and identify the overall theme and experience you wish to offer your guests

  • Determine budget and total cost of investment

  • Make a list of existing furniture and decide what can be re-purposed

  • Add visual accents that will make your rental unique

  • Design an efficient and welcoming space for maximized function and comfort

  • Declutter and simplify with only the necessities

  • Adorn with amenities

I’m an architectural photographer and I love working with Shera. She knows how to stage a home so that it is portrayed in the best way to represent it successfully. She is a delight to work with and the ultimate professional. I recommend her to anyone looking for staging or for vacation rental management. She is the best!

Katie Johnson

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